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Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present.
-Albert Camus

Described below are the steps to becoming a member of Unitarian Universalist Church West.  For more information, or if you have questions, please contact the Rev. Joyce Palmer, our Assistant Minister for Membership and Engagement. 

The Path to Membership

Step One

Attend worship services and participate in congregational activities.

Our shared experiences during Sunday services help us connect with one another, deepen our spirituality, and connect with the core mission and values of our Unitarian Universalist faith.

Another important aspect of being a UUCW member is participating in our congregation’s activities and events.  Many different small groups, classes and workshops, music programs, volunteer teams, and opportunities to serve in social justice projects and outreach invite your participation.  They are a great way to meet and get to know people in our congregation, too!  Take a few moments to explore the many UUCW groups and activities described on our web site (under Finding Community) – there’s lots to pique your interest!

We also can assist you in finding a smaller group that suits your needs and skills.  Please contact the Rev. Joyce Palmer, our Assistant Minister for Membership and Engagement. 

Step Two

Build your understanding of our UU faith and UUCW by attending the “UU Orientation” class.

Before becoming a member, it is important to know some basics about Unitarian Universalism, a bit about the history of our non-creedal faith and about our congregation’s values, vision and ways of working.  The UU Orientation is offered 3-4 times per year, and there is no cost to attend.

Step Three

Consider carefully your commitment.

After you learn more about our faith and congregation in the UU Orientation, we invite you to consider carefully whether UUCW is a place where you’d like to make a commitment – a commitment to participate in congregational life, and to financially support the church.

Step Four

Sign our membership book.

The act of signing the church membership book formalizes your covenant of membership in UUCW.  Signing the membership book indicates you are in accord with our church statement of purpose.  After the UU Orientation, the Membership Committee offers newcomers the opportunity to sign the membership book.

Our congregation holds welcoming ceremonies for new members during our Sunday services several times per year. You’ll be invited to take part in a welcoming ceremony so that members of the congregation may meet you and officially welcome you to Unitarian Universalist Church West.

Step Five

Make a financial contribution.

To be a member of UUCW you must make an annual financial contribution to the church.  Most of our members give this financial support over the course of the year in the form of a pledge of financial support made during the Annual Canvass Fund Drive in March.  Your pledge is your promise of how much you will give the church for the fiscal year.  Some people choose not to make a pledge, but simply to give as they can over the year.

How much money should you plan to give?

  • Members give according to their means -- it is ultimately up to you to determine how generously you will give.
  • We encourage members to give 3-5% of their income to the church.
  • It costs at least $1000 per member to run the church for a year.  We usually do not charge fees to participate in our activities, as some congregations do.
  • The Board of Trustees has established a “minimum annual contribution” requirement of $100 per member.  This minimum was established so that people with serious financial hardships might still be able to afford to be members of UUCW.  It is not a “joining fee,” nor does it provide enough for the church to operate.

Membership Aspirations

Becoming a Member of Unitarian Universalist Church West is an important and intentional act. We believe what you draw from your Church experience increases and deepens based on what you put in. While your level of engagement will vary over time based on life circumstances we encourage you to consider these Membership Aspirations. We hope you find these activities inspiring and worth striving for.

  • Participate regularly in congregational life, for example,  attending Sunday Services, voting at annual meeting, enrolling your children in Religious Education, and keeping up with what’s happening in our Church – you build community and grow spiritually with like-minded people.
  • Participate in programs each year for yourself such as UUnity Circles, adult enrichment classes, choir, affinity groups – you have an opportunity to nurture yourself spiritually and to benefit from fellowship.
  • Participate in outreach or mission projects each year – you can live out your principles and make a positive impact in our wider community
  • Serve the church with your time and energy - you share the ministry so that our religious community will be here when you or others need it.
  • Reach the 3-5% giving level as soon as possible –  your financial support enables us to maintain the facilities, compensate staff, and create ministry programs to spread our values and ideals
  • Feel free to share your experience of our Church with others – you may reach others who are looking for a spiritual home.

Are members required to volunteer for the church?

We encourage you to volunteer not only because it helps the church, but also because we believe that all our members and friends have gifts they might like to develop and use well, and because we know that when we give our time, we invest ourselves in our community.  But with the exception of our children’s religious education program, (which parents/ guardians of children in the program are required to give volunteer time to) volunteering at UUCW is not required.

But truly, our church could not run without volunteer energy. Each Sunday, more than forty volunteers take on pleasant duties in the foyer, sanctuary, children and youth religious education rooms, nursery, sound booth, kitchen and Community Room.  More volunteers staff our committees, serve on the Board of Trustees, lead groups, teach adult classes, help plan worship services, help with office work, care for our buildings and grounds, and organize social justice programs and actions, and more!  This is a busy, vibrant, growing congregation, and our many volunteers make this happen.



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