Soul Matters—Ministry Themes 2015-16

For 2015-16 we have joined with more than 100 UU congregations across the continent in exploring common themes.  These “Soul Matters” themes allow us access to a storehouse of materials and resources on each theme.  A “Soul Journeys” group led by Maria O’Connor, Director of Religious Education follows the themes, as do some of our Affinity Groups and children’s classes. Our Library Committee also makes resources available on the themes.

Our Soul Matters themes explore what it means to be a people of…

Invitation – September 2015

Letting Go – October 2015

Ancestry – November 2015

Expectation – December 2015

Resistance – January 2016

Desire – February 2016

Liberation – March 2016

Creation – April 2016

Blessing – May 2016

Simplicity – June 2016

Each of these words has powerful resonance for us as Unitarian Universalists. 

  • Does invitation remind you of a time when you felt included?  How might you invite others into your “inner circle”?
  • Letting go – every time we grow, we let go of a previous self-concept…
  • Did our Unitarian Universalist ancestors have to do this, too?  To be a people of Ancestry, hmmmm.  Which of your ancestors influenced your values the most?  Do you know your ancestors? 

These and other penetrating questions guide our Sunday worship, small group, and other experiences.

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