CommUUnity Connections

What is CommUUnity Connections?

CommUUnity Connections is a committee of our church whose mission is the following: “To provide a helping hand to members of the church community in times of need.”

Their goal is to organize the church community to provide a helping hand, assistance, and support to church community members in times of need.  The intent of CommUUnity Connections is to enhance not replace, the lay ministry practiced by each member of our church community.

When professional services are needed, CommUUnity Connections can help by identifying appropriate community resources and referrals. (The committee itself does not provide professional services.)  They will respond as quickly as possible to urgent needs.  However, crises or needs requiring a response of less than 24 hours should be referred to the minister.  They cannot manage medical and psychiatric emergencies which should be referred to a hospital emergency room or 911.

How can I get involved with CommUUnity Connections?

You can volunteer your services to a church member in need.  Volunteers help in a variety of ways:

  • Driving
  • Meal Preparation
  • Shopping
  • Visiting In Home or in Hospital
  • Phone Visiting
  • Childcare
  • Pet Care
  • Memorial Services Assistance

To help our church community, complete a volunteer form indicating the areas you would like to help with and when you are available.  Return it to the community room mailbox.  These forms are available on the CommUUnity Connections bulletin board.

You can also help by being a CommUUnity Connections coordinator.  As a monthly coordinator, you would respond to concerns or needs of the people in our church community.  This could be as simple as sending a card, or connecting someone in need with a volunteer.  There is a brief information session to help you fulfill this task, and a shared web document that contains all needed materials.  The Committee typically meets 3 or 4 times a year and Coordinators are responsible for 1-2 months a year. 

How do I access CommUUnity Connections if I need help?

If you have questions, or are in need of assistance, feel free to call the current month’s CommUUnity Connections coordinator. The name of this person is in the Order of Service and on the foyer bulletin board. The church office or Minister can also connect you.


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